My latest works

I have been working hard to improve my quality of work... never easy when you're running about like a mad hatter, as I do.  So, the best option I have found is to leave my work laid out on my dining table so that I can simply plonk at my chair when I am inspired, rather than have to prepare the whole set up before I even get started.

So, a few weeks back I ordered some lapis beads - some round ones and some long ones.  I had seen a Neptune necklace on BeadsDirect, and quite liked the idea but did not have the materials. So I adapted it to this:

Everyone likes it - I may have to order more Lapis. or more long beads in a different colour for that matter.  Then I was looking at another design by BeadsDirect, and I created the following purple delight; using seed beads, lampwork beads and multi-faceted rondelles:

They are available on Etsy.


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