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I do ... too !!

Yesterday a friend of mine complained that friends were bitching at her. I asked why and she said 'Because I knit.' I thought I'd misheard (so delighted was I to hear that someone I know also knits), and so I asked 'What ??' and she replied 'I knit', to which I replied: 'I knit too'.

As I mentioned earlier, somehow a lot of Maltese people regard knitting as the nerdy thing to do. To my delight, the people who are buying the Art of Knitting are overhwhelming, which means that people are very keen on the hobby and are willing to learn it. Did I say hobby? Perhaps I meant vocation.... to colour at least!!

Since I've started knitting more openly, I find I've opened up a world of colour that's delightful and unbounded. And I've also found a greater openness in people willing to admit that they knit - funnily, yes, it is quite an admission to make here, believe me.

I can also now have unique accessories and garments - things which others do…