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Cellini Twist Jewellery?

I saw a tutorial on Beadsdirect's blog (via youtube)... and it is for jewellery with a cellini twist. I'm so tempted to make it... but I do think that I shall first try something easier, with less skill required.  The twists are absolutely gorgeous and I would like to have them but i am not sure about the bead sizes I have - apparently the different sizes give the build a twist... We shall see!

Thanks for the inspiration and tutorials, Beads Direct!

No creations?

I've not done much in terms of creation these last few days - too hectic with social events and doing things here and there. Here's hoping this weekend things will change! 

I now have a considerable stash of beads... and I need to work them before the enthusiasm switches to something else. I would also love to be able to photograph them properly but I need to take some leave in order to do so.  Hopefully the weekend is here and I can take some time to do that, before I go swimming. Of course a swim is on the cards - too hot to do anything else.

Selling my mill

I have recently decided to sell my knitting mill.  I have created worms (huge cylindrical knits, with crocheted eyes) for my nephews and a huge blanket for myself; there's pretty few more blankets I can create!

I have hardly ever used it and while it's a loss of money, I do need the space for other things. If I do create anything any more, I will do it by hand and avoid simple, square objects as I have many of them!  I might, however, give my hand a go at it if I do not sell it right away. I am just moving on to something different - but if you have a huge project that requires much yarn and great lengths, well this is the way to go.

See my ebay listing or my Etsy listing.

Getting an e-shop to take off!

I am wondering just how long it takes to get an e-shop to take off.

I have placed my items on sale at my etsy shop, as well as listed on ebay.  Funnily, though, I have had very few views and no bids to purchase. More's the pity! I am trying to work with tags / labels to improve SEO.

How does one generate more views / traffic? I'd be happy to receive any comments you might have!

New Ebay Listing!

My first pair of earrings is listed on ebay!

I am advertising my blue droplet and crystal earrings here!  These are earrings which are handmade by me!

They are also listed on Etsy, since I have more than one pair available!

They are on silver-plated earring hooks, made with glass beads

Get yours now!



From time to time, I head back to this blog to share creations with the reader... and so I have started to work with jewellery - only a week ago!  I think I have the knack for it, having always observed carefully every piece of jewellery I buy.
My gran taught me to string beads as a young child - mostly seed and bugle beads, but I never knew quite how to get them to hang around my neck unless the thing was large enough to go through my head. And I have always wanted to make earrings but never knew quite how.
This last weekend, I took the plunge and joined a friend of mine. I put together some tools that I had, together with some supplies from when I last attempted to start again.  But this time it went well - I have a couple of items listed on Etsy - Gerimaus's shop
I have, so far, one pair of pink earrings and one pair of turquoise-coloured earrings, both sets made with glass beads.  I plan to make more, so do keep a watch-out for that space!