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Happy New Year!

2009 was a year of many developments for me, on the crafts level.  I actually shifted from making toys and scarves to garments, and I also began to work on some serious crochet, and finished myself a few bags and a lovely halterneck top as you can see from my previous posts. Of course, nothing would have come this far without the great push I got from the Stitch N Bitch books, which I bought in 2008. These are really useful handbooks for knitting and of course for crochet. I had never crocheted before, and all of a sudden I could take the plunge and first made myself a very basic bag, and then moved on to crocheting my lovely halterneck top, which you've read so much about.

I have now ventured well into the world of pattern working, as I can finally say I can read a pattern without getting all cross-eyed. Besides this collection from Debbie Stoller, I have leaned heavily on Simply Knitting Magazine.  Again, I was driven to subscribe because of all the lovely Alan Dart toys feature…