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Winter ...

It's suddenly turned chillier, and of course we're getting rain a tad more often. All of a sudden I've realised that I've not finished my summer projects (at least 3 left, with yarn and patterns handy) and have yet to start my winter stuff. I definitely have some gifts to make, but I'm now seriously wondering whether they will be ready on time. One of them is half way there but it's still too warm to handle such thick yarn. In this country each season is so short that you have to knit really quickly for that season, or you'll miss the boat.

Of course, I am trying to keep my own limitations in mind. When the party season opens, which is soon. I get less time to do my own knits and often have to prepare for a party, or spend a lot of time resting afterwards. Still, I plan to make the maximum effort possible to at least have a few projects to be proud of this winter!