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Welcome to my Cosy Corner

I've taken the plunge and decided to start writing about the things I love doing with my hands. I've always loved crafts - whether it was calligraphy, tapestry, sewing or knitting, and I've even painted in the past, using watercolour.

Therefore I decided not to name this blog for any particular craft, so that I can use it to share anything that tickles my fancy. You will see that in summer I set aside anything to do with wool. This is because in Malta it's too hot to come anywhere close to a strand of wool - whether it's real wool or some other synthetic stuff.

Of course, you can find me on ravelry, with the username gerimaus. Much of what I do on the knitting side is there.

I've also recently purchased a new Knitting Mill Maxi from Knitwell UK. I'm still having teething problems with this gadget, as I seem to get untidy edges. I read a helpful article on Purplelinda Crafts, which says to keep the yarn taut when starting a new row, but I'm still trying! H…