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A new puppy joins our family

One Friday before Easter, Andy, my partner's younger son, came home with a little puppy in his arms. A little boxer mix-breed. This puppy was supposed to be a gift for someone who was unable to keep her.... so we took the decision to keep the little girl. She was only five weeks old (that makes her six weeks now).

Her name was originally Scarlet, but we did not think that it was an appropriate name for a doggie. Especially a pup! I thought I'd call her Sophie but since some people call our other dog Xuxa (pronounced Shoo-Sha) Sushi in error, Xu ("Shu" or even better, "Shoe") was responding to this name... and after lots of thinking we decided to call her Nellie.

Xu has taken her on as though she were her own pup. I've seen her nestling Nellie, playing games with her, and all that. What a lovely pair...

Here are some pics for you to enjoy!