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My Stuff on Etsy

Today I saw a little ballerina mouse on Etsy and could not resist the urge to buy her. So I became a member - here is my profile. I have now placed my Miss Amelia / Miss Geri on sale in my Etsy Shop as well as the single hank of Berroco Glace' that's left over from my Sexie top, which by the way is ready. I have decided that I have to work to support my knitting habit so a number of items will be on sale there - either leftovers from a project for your odds and ends, entire knitting supplies, or handmade items.

I like Etsy because it costs a flat $ 0.20 to list an item, and the fees are applicable on a flat rate too (3.5%) making it easier to predict what your costs will be when you sell your item. Also, it is dedicated to crafters so you are more likely to find like-minded people. However I shall still be using ebay for some of my items on sale, such as my Berroco Glace hank.

I am sick at home today with flu so I am busy, busy, busy with my 3 projects in hand: My Shaker-Style…