My first order!

So today I wore the first set of jewellery that I ever made - my earrings, bracelet and necklace.  They are in an aquamarine colour and very summery.  A lady just walked in to my office and passed a compliment and then she asked me to make her a pink set.... so I have my first order.

Yesterday I was speaking to the lady who taught me my first proper steps, Jane Hewes, and she did suggest that once word gets round, I will start being asked to make stuff for people. And thus, here we go! I did not think it would be so soon, but it is nice to know that I will be able to sell some of my stuff - there is only so much one can wear in the same colour, even though certain colours tend to be repeated.  I cannot wait until she comes back in November - we can have a catch-up (and not just jewellery) and she will teach me some new wiring techniques.

I will try to update this post with some pics later on.... 


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