Starting the new year with creativity

The new year started well for me but I hadn't been knitting or crocheting in a couple of years, other than to finish off one or two scarves I had started.

Recently, a delightful new little shop opened not very far from my ballet shop, and I was inspired to start all over again, because I suddenly realised that I had become addicted to social media and have not been producing anything.  (This also goes for my jewellery, my photography, colouring and other things I enjoy doing in terms of arts and crafts).

By constantly trawling social media, I realised that I was becoming a numbhead and somehow I wandered on to Ravelry and was inspired to create.  Part of it was also seeing that lovely huge stash, waiting to be turned into something pretty or cosy. Ok I did buy two lovely skeins of a new yarn (will post it in my online stash at some point), but in the meantime I have started a project that burns up 3 skeins of yarn that are not matched up with anything else.  I've also restarted my Shaker Style throw.  In an afternoon I finished one square (well, shouldn't take much. should it?) and done a third of another, which should be complete by this evening.  Hopefully the stash of those little skeins waiting to be knitted will be finished too.

I've a few leftoveres and oddballs that can be used for Jean Greenhowe patterns, but these little dolls require DK only.  The Art of Knitting has many ideas to burn up one's stash... But first, to finish off my projects in hand as I do not want to start too many at one go!

Belated happy 2018 to anyone reading this post!


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