Thursday, 10 March 2016

Shaun the Sheep pattern - discounted

So... I once acquired a cute Shaun the Sheep kit (including all materials and needles with the pattern) hoping I would find some time to make it.  However, since then, having moved house and job, I hardly have time to do all the things I need to be doing, let alone to craft toys.  More's the pity.  I have also taken up jewellery and therefore find myself rather busy indeed. In any case my nephews are now way past the age when they would play with a soft toy!

So I have decided to sell it to someone who will have the time to actually make this delightful sheep for a young child, rather than let it lie in my cupboard.

You can find it - as well as all my other items on sale - in my Etsy Shop here.  Collection possible from Malta.

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