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Winter ...

It's suddenly turned chillier, and of course we're getting rain a tad more often. All of a sudden I've realised that I've not finished my summer projects (at least 3 left, with yarn and patterns handy) and have yet to start my winter stuff. I definitely have some gifts to make, but I'm now seriously wondering whether they will be ready on time. One of them is half way there but it's still too warm to handle such thick yarn. In this country each season is so short that you have to knit really quickly for that season, or you'll miss the boat.

Of course, I am trying to keep my own limitations in mind. When the party season opens, which is soon. I get less time to do my own knits and often have to prepare for a party, or spend a lot of time resting afterwards. Still, I plan to make the maximum effort possible to at least have a few projects to be proud of this winter!

My Stuff on Etsy

Today I saw a little ballerina mouse on Etsy and could not resist the urge to buy her. So I became a member - here is my profile. I have now placed my Miss Amelia / Miss Geri on sale in my Etsy Shop as well as the single hank of Berroco Glace' that's left over from my Sexie top, which by the way is ready. I have decided that I have to work to support my knitting habit so a number of items will be on sale there - either leftovers from a project for your odds and ends, entire knitting supplies, or handmade items.

I like Etsy because it costs a flat $ 0.20 to list an item, and the fees are applicable on a flat rate too (3.5%) making it easier to predict what your costs will be when you sell your item. Also, it is dedicated to crafters so you are more likely to find like-minded people. However I shall still be using ebay for some of my items on sale, such as my Berroco Glace hank.

I am sick at home today with flu so I am busy, busy, busy with my 3 projects in hand: My Shaker-Style…

A new puppy joins our family

One Friday before Easter, Andy, my partner's younger son, came home with a little puppy in his arms. A little boxer mix-breed. This puppy was supposed to be a gift for someone who was unable to keep her.... so we took the decision to keep the little girl. She was only five weeks old (that makes her six weeks now).

Her name was originally Scarlet, but we did not think that it was an appropriate name for a doggie. Especially a pup! I thought I'd call her Sophie but since some people call our other dog Xuxa (pronounced Shoo-Sha) Sushi in error, Xu ("Shu" or even better, "Shoe") was responding to this name... and after lots of thinking we decided to call her Nellie.

Xu has taken her on as though she were her own pup. I've seen her nestling Nellie, playing games with her, and all that. What a lovely pair...

Here are some pics for you to enjoy!

I do ... too !!

Yesterday a friend of mine complained that friends were bitching at her. I asked why and she said 'Because I knit.' I thought I'd misheard (so delighted was I to hear that someone I know also knits), and so I asked 'What ??' and she replied 'I knit', to which I replied: 'I knit too'.

As I mentioned earlier, somehow a lot of Maltese people regard knitting as the nerdy thing to do. To my delight, the people who are buying the Art of Knitting are overhwhelming, which means that people are very keen on the hobby and are willing to learn it. Did I say hobby? Perhaps I meant vocation.... to colour at least!!

Since I've started knitting more openly, I find I've opened up a world of colour that's delightful and unbounded. And I've also found a greater openness in people willing to admit that they knit - funnily, yes, it is quite an admission to make here, believe me.

I can also now have unique accessories and garments - things which others do…